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April 2nd Tuesday: Interview with Navid Memar

New Orlean Photo Alliance’s programming director, Kevin Lajoie, will be interviewing Iranian artist Navid Memar. Memar is a photographer, videographer, director and writer living in Tehran. His work is often cross-disciplinary, including architecture, collage, sculpture, short film, time-based media and theatre. His work is influenced by Iran’s history and native culture, as well as his own upbringing in the city of Kasha.

Most recently, Memar has been working on a photographic series called Do You Not Think?, referencing the phrase which recurs throughout the Quran. This series is meant to provoke the viewer to ask questions about what is happening in its theatrical scenes. It references regional history in its original surrealist narrative. He utilized the same subject matter and theatrical style in his recent short film, covid19.

Memar is currently studying directing at The Tehran University of Art. In 2015, he established his studio, Amata.

Join us Tuesday, April 13 at 11 am CST to watch this live interview via Zoom and learn more about Navid’s recent work. The interview will be restreamed at 7 pm CST.