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New Orleans Community Printshop seeks funds for expansion

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The New Orleans Community Printshop is seeking at least a smidgen more help in reaching a fundraising pledge goal via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, funding that will allow it to complete the build-out of its new location at 1200 Mazant Street.

At blog post publishing time, the volunteer-led outfit had received $7,727 in pledges of $8,000 sought, with 15 days to go before a deadline to meet that goal. If the goal is not reached, no money changes hands. Pledges made in excess of what is in effect a minimum goal, however, are still accepted.

The new facility is to feature a larger darkroom, as well as a classroom and more print areas. Funds raised will allow the organization to do necessary plumping work, complete enclosure of the darkroom and screen exposure room, complete all necessary venting, and the like.

Most of the build-out work is being done by volunteers, but money is needed for materials as well as the hiring of professionals for plumbing and electrical work.

For more information, including a list of rewards for those pledging monies, please see the Community Printshop’s Kickstarter campaign page.