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New Voodoo series, Poormouth Mondays, opens with Nattie “At The DMV”

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We don’t know how you’re holding up, but nowadays the Voodoo Mystere Lounge is finding it hard to gin up, grin and bear it. Our roulez has done up and gone from our lazy le bon temps.

So…! Announcing PoorMouth Mondays, an open-ended series of original pay-what-you-can productions at the Lounge. Got nothing to spare but the price of a drink? Come see a show on us, and cheer up. Or don’t; it’s entirely up to you.

Where to inaugurate PoorMouth Mondays? At the DMV, naturally.

“Musical snapshots of self-discovery in unlikely places”… that’s how NATASHA SANCHEZ, a/k/a Nattie, describes her new performance piece. At the DMV. Using songs and photographs to tell stories of the truth, confidence and purpose to be found at places as unlilkely as Walgreens, McDonalds, and the DMV.

What: At the DMV
Who: Written and performed by Nattie.
Where: The Voodoo Mystére Lounge, 718 North Rampart at Orleans.
When: Mondays at 7pm, beginning October 6th. October 6-27.
How much: Pay what you can.
Info: Reservations and information 504.304.1568.