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New Yorker Magazine Image Request


Hope all is well and that you are enjoying spring! I am a picture researcher at the New Yorker and I am researching images for an upcoming fiction story, and wonder if any members of the New Orleans Photo Alliance may have work that could accompany the story. I would truly appreciate you forwarding the request to all members. Unfortunately, we are under a tight deadline and will be viewing images tomorrow.

The story is contemporary (within the last 20 years) and takes place in North Mississippi. The images don’t have to be from North Mississippi, but they should be from the south and highlight the lushness and growth of the Southern landscape. The overall tone is moody and foreboding, there is a strong sense of southern history throughout the piece. The focus of the story is a run down mansion/house and a man’s attempt to restore this house that his been in his family for generations. He describes the wild and weed-wracked overgrown lawn, the patches of fallen plaster from the walls, the sagging celing, warped pine flooring and the storm dented iron roof. The house is a huge project to fix up and Julian hires help – Obie. Obie is a bible reading fifty year old lean fellow who is having his skin lasered to remove the tattoos from his covered body. His skin is described as a cloudy blue-gray.

To accompany the story, we are looking for the below images. But, please don’t limit yourself, the most important thing in the image is the mood and the feeling of the Southern landscape.

* A dramatic image of a romantically run down rural mansion/house in the south
* An image of the lushness of the rural Southern landscape that incorporates some aspect of the mansion
* Tattoos on a man (either detail shots, or images of tattoos peaking out of clothes)
* Image incorporating a bible in the interior of a run down home
* Image of an old typewriter

Many thanks for forwarding this request along. We are under a very tight deadline, please send medium res versions (150dpi at 10”) by Wednesday May 6. Thanks again, and feel free to call or email me with any questions.



Jessie Wender
Picture Researcher
The New Yorker
4 Times Square, 20th Fl.
New York, NY 10036

t: 212.286.5788 / f: 212.286.5930