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NOLA Darkroom Search

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Hey Folks! My name is Morgan (I’m the volunteer coordinator at N.O.P.A.) and I’m a local photographer. I moved to New Orleans this earlier this year and since then I’ve had a lot of difficulty finding a darkroom to process film and make prints. The Darkroom and The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts both broke down their analogue darkrooms this past Spring. Louisiana Artworks hasn’t expressed any particular interest in opening a space to accommodate photographers. So I turn to the NOPA blog for advice… does anyone know where I can find a darkroom? If I had the funds or the space to open my own darkroom I would do so in a heartbeat. I managed a darkroom for four years in Vermont so I’m knowledgeable with chemicals, the in’s and out’s of printing, pumps, ventilation, etc. I’m willing to pay rental fees, provide all of my own supplies, give blood (kidding), or whatever it takes to start printing. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Please contact me if you have any advice or suggestions. Thanks in advance for your time.

happy shooting,

K. Morgan Sasser