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Jan. 4, 2008

To All Members in Good Standing:

We are at the point in the development of our organization where we must formally decide who the new officers will be for the next two (2) years. All of the current positions outlined are open, with some of the interim officers wanting to shift to another position or hold on to the one they have. The way the process will work is as follows:

Nominations- Any one can nominate any member in good standing for any of the positions, including nominating yourself.

Deadline- All nominations must be completed by January 20, 2008. After confirmation of intent and qualifications, the nominees’ list will be published and passed on to our Board of Directors, which currently is composed of 9 people. Please use only the form enclosed completely filled out and drop off or mail to the Photo Alliance at 1111 St. Mary, N.O. LA 70130, or you may email the form to or

Voting- During the first quarter of our calendar year, the Board will assemble and vote, the results of which will be published.

As a reminder to all members, we are now live with our website,

So please sign up for our eNewsletter, think hard about who you think would be a good committed leader, prepare to enjoy another year of great opportunities for exhibitions, learning, socializing and meeting new people, and living photography as part of who you are.

Owen Murphy
New Orleans Photo Alliance