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Non Profit Reach Out

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Hey everyone, My name is Kenneth. I am new to the area and pretty new to Photography. At my last home (College Station), I would donate a few hours of my time taking pictures, maybe a couple editing, and some space on my hard drive to some of the non-profits. In return the various non-profits have been kind to me. The experience was very rewarding so I want to give people the opportunity to expose their art to this facet of photography. There are alot of passionate people that work for these non-profits and some great opportunities to expand your understanding of photography. What I am proposing is that I gather a list of volunteers and a list of non-profits over the coming weeks. From the volunteers, I would want contact information and possible times that you will be available. From the non-profits, I would want times that they would want photographers, places whether it be an event or their facilities. If any of you are doing this already, or have a non-profit that you would like to donate services to then please contact me via email. There are alot of non-profits in town that need this service to improve the outreach of their program. Thanks in advance for your time.

Kenneth D. Owens