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NOPA gallery hosts New Orleans Stories workshop

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A weeklong workshop on telling stories through photography in the Crescent City, titled “New Orleans Stories,” will be held at the New Orleans Photo Alliance gallery and other local locations beginning Sunday, Oct. 1.

New Orleans photographer Andy Levin is to lead the sessions. The workshop will offer scholarships to two NOPA members in good standing. Tuition is otherwise $625.

According to Levin, the purpose of the workshops will be to maximize the creativity of photographers and help them develop a distinct voice. Students are to find stories in New Orleans and create a photo essay from them. They must also complete a group project in which they will document a story in a particular part of the city, such as a street or neighborhood. Students are to share their stories with one another on the final day of the project, in a special meeting at the Lost Love Lounge in the Marigny.

In addition to meetings at the NOPA gallery, the Marigny, and other locations in the city, the workshop will include a short field trip to a secret location, according to Levin. Students specializing or interested in any style of photography may attend. Levin suggests that students bring a digital camera and a laptop computer regardless.

Image: Via New Orleans Stories/100 Eyes website.