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NOPA PushPin

Our annual PushPin show/event will be on February 12th, 2019.
Members can start putting work on the walls February 5th
Work can stay on Gallery walls UNTIL February 26th

We are switching things up a little this year so read carefully:

  • As always, the PushPin event is for NOPA members ONLY. So you can’t pop anything on the gallery walls until we verify your membership status. There will be someone at gallery to check you in and help with membership verification.
  • Of course, you can join when you come to gallery as well. Only after joining (or renewing) will you be allowed to place work on walls.
  • Each participant gets 20″ x 24″ of space on NOPA’s walls for their work. So we don’t recommend thick frames or the like.
  • Once work is placed on walls it must remain there until PushPin “opening.” No relocating work. Also, please, handle your OWN work. Do not move another photographers work. Again, a NOPA staff member will be there to assist.
  • We encourage folks leave business cards with work as well.
  • Sales are fine (and NOPA will not take commission). However, NOPA will also NOT be responsible for handling transactions, supplying square readers, web access to sites, etc. All sales are between buyer and photographer.

Here’s where things are different this year:

  • members can start placing things on the wall Tuesday, February 5 during regular gallery hours
  • All work will remain in gallery for public to view during regular gallery hours from February 5th to February 26th