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The following artists were accepted to exhibit these pieces in ODD WORKS, which opens October 4. Many thanks to everyone who entered and to our juror David Rubin. This will be a very interesting show!

Ian Amell – Fruitopia
Harry Longstreet – Science Fiction Museum, Seattle
Leighton McWilliams – Stratosphere/Ride
Katarzyna Majak – Self Portrait Emanation
Katarzyna Majak – Table
Jane Fulton Alt – Tree and Horse
Sharon Shero – Night Swing Lake Martin
Sharon Shero, Chairway to Breaux Bridge
Janet Flohr – Grieving Woman, Pere Lachaise Cemetery
Christopher Porche-West – Family Tracing
Tracie Heller – Untitled 78
Tom Hubbard – Greenhouse Series: Duivenvoorde #7
Richard McCabe – Brother
Richard MCabe – Flag
Joan Fitzsimmons – Small & Large Thoughts 18
Michel Varisco – Nest Assemblage
Jan Arrigo – Draped Sky
Judy Cooper – The Green Team
Miranda Lake – Postcard From a Sunken City, 2008
Miranda Lake – Stillwater, 2005
Patricia Muffin Sills – Front End Loader
Patricia Muffin Sills – House of Cars
Tara Thompson – Shine
Tara Thompson – Smolder
Jan Gilbert – C-Cup
Jan Gilbert – LaFavoritell
J.R. Portman – Welcome to KVille
Galina Kurlat – Specimen 8, Specimen 6, Specimen 9
Rebecca Dietz – Cigar Box Oracle
Minka Stoyanova – Sebastian Saint Altered
Toni Goss – Oaks
Toni Goss – Triple Marsh Grass
Thomas Cummins – 8
Thomas Cummins – Alleyway
Thomas Cummins – Sense
Ted Preuss – Tranquil
Esther Murphy – Amusing
Esther Murphy – Floatation