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Offbeat seeking ‘Photo Ops’ series submissions & musician photos

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OffBeat Magazine, a monthly publication that focuses on New Orleans and Louisiana music and culture, is looking for photos.

In one case, it is specifically on the lookout for outstanding photography that deals with New Orleans music, for an ongoing photo-and-essay series. Otherwise, OffBeat is seeking photos of specific, regionally-associated musicians for its April 2012 issue.

The monthly magazine pays $30 per published photo. OffBeat is publication that is distributed for free throughout the New Orleans metro area, however, with copies also sent to paid subscribers throughout the United States and the globe. Moreover, it publishes photos on its website. Consequently, work published in OffBeat would be seen by a mass local audience, as well as visitors to the Crescent City and Louisiana music lovers worldwide.

The specifications for submissions to the photo-and-essay series, “Photo Ops,” are as follows:

  • The photo should involve New Orleans music in some fashion.
  • Photos submitted should be square or taken in portrait or vertical fashion. 
  • Submissions should capture a unique moment, and come with a 50-to-100-word essay about that moment. 
  • OffBeat staff suggest that the essay can be very personal, but that it need not be. What matters is more to OffBeat is that the photo should be of high quality and have a documentary feel. 
  • The photo should work as a stand-alone shot, and not on as part of a series. Photographers may, however, submit multiple photos any find that choosing one shot is too difficult. The magazine’s staff will then help the photographer choose one standout. 

You can check out past entries of OffBeat’s Photo Ops series at the magazine’s website.

Meanwhile, for the April 2012 issue, OffBeat is seeking photos of the following musicians and performers. Please contact OffBeat Art Director Elsa Hahne by Wednesday, March 7, if you have any such photos. Hahne said that she will accept as many as ten thumbnails per artist: