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Open Source Book Project – call for Gulf themed submissions

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Hi – I figured the NO Photo Alliance would be the place to contact in regards to letting local photographers know about a project called the Open Source Book Project ( What we’re doing is putting together a community-involved photo essay book that will focus on the Gulf oil disaster, the environment, the surrounding people, wildlife, and overall feelings of the people who live down there. The end result of this book being sold is twofold:

  1. To keep this issue in front of people’s eyes and therefore keep us all thinking about what has happened – we all forget so quickly.
  2. 100% of what is made from the sales of this book online will be donated to a renewable energy project in a small, rural community that would normally not be able to afford it.
We’re very serious about this project and are asking if you have any photos that could be contributed to this cause. Along with photos, we’re asking that you spread the word. So far we’ve had a great reception with the people who have decided to become involved and contribute, but need more people contributing. We’ve been featured on Spillwire here and also have a facebook fan page (which could definitely use more fans 😉
I appreciate your time – feel free to contact me at any point if you have questions.
Thank you – 
Chad Ely