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Oxford American: New Orleans/Gulf Coast Issue

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“This special issue of the magazine is devoted to clearing public misconceptions about a beloved historic region that continues to feed American culture not only with its unique cuisine but also with its music and arts and politics and personalities and, of course, joie de vivre. Ninety percent of this issue is written by New Orleans and Gulf Coast locals (and/or people embedded with deep and long-term ties with the city). Mind you: These locals are highly talented. Chris Rose, Lolis Eric Elie, Sarah Broom, David Ramsey, Jed Horne, Sara Roahen, Peter Zinn, Nic Pizzolatto, Jesmyn Ward, Ellen Ann Fentress, Ernest Gaines, Bill Sasser, and quite a few others share wide-ranging views on a part of the country that has faced dramatic challenges with tenacity and grit as well as imagination. The results of channeling the overwhelming powers of provocative, daring, and supremely eloquent writers (and artists) appear in this packed issue. Prepare to have your misconceptions come apart and be replaced by sharper understanding and improved perception.”

New Orleans Photo Alliance members are well represented in this issue, with the cover shot by Sam Portera and images inside by Frank Relle, J.R. Portman, Michael Terranova, Ze daLuz, Jennifer Shaw, Bobby Wozniak, Debra Howell, Louviere+Vanessa, and Ed Richards.

Available now at Borders, Barnes & Noble, or through the Oxford American website. (Are there any local magazine sources here anymore?? I miss Lenny’s News!)

Updated to add additional venues – Faulkner House Books, Louisiana Music Factory, Ogden Museum Shop and Garden District Book Shop. Support your local businesses & keep your tax dollars in New Orleans!! Thanks to “anonymous” for the tip!