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Patricia Sills at BECA Gallery

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Patricia Sills, known in the art world as “Muffin” will be showing a collection of her work at the BECA gallery, 527 Saint Joseph Street, in the heart of New Orleans Central Business District. The show will open Saturday, December 06, 2008.

Muffin Sills is a professor of Photography and Graphic design at Xavier University. She is a graduate of Loyola University’s art program and earned her Masters in Fine Art from Florida State University. She has shown work through out the country and is looking forward to sharing her unique art with her home city.

Muffin’s work explores the ideas of Identity and Aesthetic Surfaces. Patterns photographed from the varied aspects of nature become exteriors of her construction machine models. The Construction process itself can be at once both masculine and feminine. The destruction that must take place in the initial stages of any construction project is both violent and passionate. The subsequent structure that is erected represents new birth. Within the framework of Muffin’s identity baking has always been the embodiment of this sort of new birth. Documenting baking through photographic stills and video further emphasizes the human role that we each play in the creation of our own world and our own identity. Her work is a process of love, labor, and reward.