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Photo Exhibition at A Work of Art Gallery

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Satyrs by Thom Bennett

A Work of Art gallery invites you to join us as we celebrate the opening of our new exhibition featuring all local photographers from the New Orleans Photo Alliance.

Iris by Patricia Sills

Members exhibiting their finest work include: Cile Bailey, Thom Bennett, Patricia “Muffin” Sills Bernstein, Mia Black, Ze daLuz, Paulo “Steven” Diniz, George A. Dupre, Najja Faluke, Bruce Keys, Michelle O’Reagan, Michelle Aline Pujols, Gary Michael Smith, Michelle “Misha” Wuttke

Saturday, February 28, 6:00PM

A Work of Art
8212 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA 70118

Crinolines by Ze daLuz

Michelle Wuttke

Morning in Audubon by Gary Smith