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Photographers are Discriminated against by the city of New Orleans

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Photographers and Digital artists are unfairly banned from displaying their works in Jackson Square. There is a 60 year old law designed to prohibit photographers from displaying in Jackson Square. Please sign the petition to over turn this law.

The law was created because other artists think that photography “would ruin the Square,” read article. There is a small group of artists, the Jackson Square Artists Committee, whom create and enforce the rules for the artists around the square. This committee will actually have you arrested if you attempt to display your prints around the square.
Please sign the petition to over turn the law.

Recently artists, whom want to be able to sell art reproductions, attempted to join the Jackson Square artist committee. Just before the voting the committee created a law that banned these younger artists from being nominated, read article. The Jackson Square Artists Committee has monopolized the square and we need to let the city know that the Photographic and Digital Artists should not be discriminated against.

Please sign the petition to help fight this law and pass the link along to as many people as possible!