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PhotoNOLA 2010 Exhibitions Listing – Deadline Extended to Aug 15

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The final push for PhotoNOLA exhibitions listings is on! PhotoNOLA is an annual photography festival coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance that takes place each December.

The deadline for submitting information has been extended to Aug 15, 2010.

PhotoNOLA 2010 Exhibitions Listings
If you have a photography show lined up in New Orleans for Dec 2010 please submit the information here, so we can include it on the PhotoNOLA website and brochures:

PhotoNOLA 2010 – Venues Seeking Artists
If you own or know of a venue interested in hosting a photography exhibition this December, in conjunction with the fifth annual PhotoNOLA festival, Please fill out this form as completely as you can and we will try to match you with an appropriate photographic exhibition.

PhotoNOLA 2010 – Artists Seeking Venues
This form is for photographers interested in showing work in New Orleans during the month of December, in conjunction with PhotoNOLA . Please note that PhotoNOLA, coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance, does not have a budget for producing, traveling or installing exhibitions. Most of the venues available through this matchmaking process will be alternative type venues, and you will probably be responsible for all of the expenses involved in showing, and in many cases the physical hanging of the exhibition. Still interested? Please fill out the following form as thoroughly as possible, and if we find a space that seems an appropriate fit for your work we will put you in touch with that venue.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Shaw, PhotoNOLA coordinator. 504-269-9740 or