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PhotoNOLA on the Web

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Here are a few more links to PhotoNOLA reviews & recaps on the world wide web:

An interview with reviewer Stella Kramer on Andrew Hetherington’s photo blog

An article by reviewer Holly Hughes on PDN Pulse called “What Made PhotoNOLA Worthwhile.”

Reviewer Jorg Colberg’s post about PhotoNOLA & Prospect 1 on his blog, Conscientious, plus a follow up article with participating photographer Suzanne Revy on the perspective from the other side of the table.

Reviewer Mary Virginia Swanson’s very comprehensive blog post urging people to get out for the second weekend of PhotoNOLA.

A blog recap from Susana Raab, one of the participating photographers, here.

Some exciting news from Fraction Magazine’s blog .

The December Filmwaster’s podcast wherein Susan Burnstine talks about her time at PhotoNOLA as a workshop instructor and review participant.

Doug MacCash’s plug in the Time’s Picayune for the second weekend of PhotoNOLA.

Eric Bookhardt’s special PhotoNOLA edition art review for Gambit Weekly.

And last but not least, I’ve posted some pictures of the Gala, Reviews and Portfolio Walk on the PhotoNOLA Facebook Page. Many thanks to Sam Portera for documenting the festivities for us.