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Programming Committee Meeting

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I would like to extend an invitation to any members
who are interested in being on the Programming
Committee to attend a meeting next Tuesday, March 18
at 7:00 p.m. at the NOPA Gallery, 1111 St. Mary St.

The Programming Committee is responsible for
developing exhibitions, educational events, public
forums, and exchange programs with other similar

At the last meeting we were able to plan our gallery
shows for 2008 as well as discuss other Programming
ideas such as Film Nights, various Workshops, Social
Events and Community Outreach.

This meeting will concentrate on making these ideas
become reality. We have quite a few events coming up
and we want to make sure that we have everything in
place to make each one successful. We also need to
figure out a Programming Budget so, along with
whatever ideas you want to present try to have an idea
of what costs are involved so we can put it in the
yearly budget. At the end of the meeting I would like
for everyone to share some ideas about gallery shows
for 2009.

If you are unable to attend and want to be heard
please email me your ideas @ I
will present them for you.

Remember, your voice is the voice of the Photo
Alliance so come and be heard. Look forward to seeing
you there!

Thom Bennett
VP of Programming

P.S. There will be pizza! BYOB.