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Programming Committee Meeting on Tuesday

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I would like to extend an invitation to all members who are interested in being on the Programming Committee to attend a meeting Tuesday, June 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the NOPA Gallery, 1111 St. Mary St.

The Programming Committee is responsible for developing exhibitions, educational events, public forums, and exchange programs with other similar institutions.

At this meeting we will spend a few minutes recapping Critter Fest, the opening of Critters and get an update on the progress of the Environmental show and the Odd Works show. We will then spend the bulk of our time mapping out our 2009 exhibition calendar. Bring any and all ideas for exhibits; we have slots for four shows to fill. We will also have a quick roundtable discussion about workshops the Photo Alliance could sponsor during the remainder of ’08 and ’09.

If you are unable to attend and want your ideas to be heard please email me @ I will present them for you.

Remember, your voice is the voice of the Photo Alliance so come and be heard. Look forward to seeing you there!

-Thom Bennett