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Project New Orleans 2011: Working with Non-profits

From Momenta Workshops:
“In a city alive with positive energy and change, we chose the theme of “hope and recovery” for this workshop. While many of the homes have now been rebuilt and life for many residents has returned to normal, the city and the community are still effected emotionally and structurally. We consider each non-profit working in New Orleans a valuable addition to the city’s continual growth, which is why we go back every year to keep giving back in an effort to help New Orleans thrive. This is not a Katrina workshop per say (correct spelling: per se) but a New Orleans workshop dedicated to helping this great city get back on its feet and show them we still care.

As a participant in this workshop, you will learn how to work with a non-profit or work on a photo story about a particular issue that affects non-profit development. We will be working on the ground with organizations ranging from animal rights, children’s empowerment, community development, environmental issues and home rebuilding. You are tasked to build a story in just a few days that will help a community to grow and learn about themselves. While this seems daunting in just five days, it is always amazing how many beautiful images are produced at this workshop.”

More info about the workshop is available here.

Level Three / Weekend: Working with Nonprofits
Dates: April 6th-10th, 2011
Cost: $1379 (pre-registration is available)