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Crush Your Quarantine: Make a Photozine with Jeff Phillips
General Info
Thursday April 23 (part TWO)
7:00 p.m. CT
45-50 minutes (Presentation is 35 mins, Q&A for 10-15 mins)
In this two-part #quarantivity workshop, please join us for a fun, fast-paced visual tour of the freshest photozines being made right now. Learn how to create photozines as an inexpensive platform for telling visual stories, promoting your practice, sharing new work by mail, and connecting with new audiences and collectors.
The best part: You already have what you need to get started!

Jeff Phillips is a photographic artist, zinemaker, and consultant living in Chicago. He is interested in finding ways to blend traditional photographic process with contemporary methods of presentation. Jeff serves on the board of Filter Photo, and since 2009 has helped produce the organization’s annual festival. He has presented his work at conferences including SXSW, SPE, and ASMP.