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Slide Scanning Special at Moldaner’s

VOLUME SLIDE SCANNING OFFER from Moldaner’s Camera and Imaging

During the summer months things tend to slow down Uptown, so we have available capacity on our high-volume Kodak Slide Scanner. Here’s what we are willing to offer:

Our standard scanning prices are on our website ( . We normally offer 9Mb and 25Mb scans, with larger sizes being custom scans. From now until July 31st, or until our available capacity is filled, we are willing to make a SPECIAL OFFER on 35mm slide scan batches of 1000 or more.

A. Custom size scans (25-60MB) at the 25MB price

B. 25MB scans at the 9MB price (85 cents in quantity)

C. 9MB scans at 49 cents each.

These images can be JPEG or TIFF. If you want TIFFs, due to the size, we would either return them to you on a portable drive that you provide in advance, or we can purchase one and bill you for it.

NOTE: These will all be unprocessed scans, with a black edge from the mount so you lose none of the image. They will NOT be rotated, trimmed or adjusted for density or color. This is an opportunity to get your images archived quickly and inexpensively. Most of you would probably prefer to work on your images yourself anyway, using whatever you are comfortable with (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.). Its also a good way to backup your images for hurricane season.

This is a first come, first served offer! When we have reached our capacity, the offer will be canceled.
NOTE: We are willing to have anyone come by with some slides and have us scan a few samples to evaluate.

Robert F. Moldaner
Moldaner’s Camera & Imaging
7808 Maple St., Suite D
New Orleans, LA 70118