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Smartflix rents Dean Collins instructional DVDs

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I was browsing through some Strobist info lately and found this bit on Dean Collins. He was a well-known photographer who died some time ago, but left us with a viable treasure of instructional videos from the 80’s about off-camera lighting. I took a look at the examples, and yes they’re dated, but I think they still work just as well when it comes to teaching how to set up a lighting rig in various situations.

Here’s the kicker: you can buy the 6-DVD set on Software Cinema for $179, or you can go cheap and rent it on Smartflix — along with other training videos — for about $35. It seems like a great way for semi-pros to get some inexpensive and worthwhile training.

You’ll have to wait a week, though. I just rented it myself. I’ll post a short review here later.