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Studio at Colton School

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The Creative Alliance of New Orleans (CANO), an organization of creative professionals in the New Orleans metropolitan area, today announces an invitation to artists of all disciplines, cultural organizations and creative businesses to apply for the use of studio, exhibition, and performance space at the Studio at Colton School, a pilot presentation, studio and educational program to be open from November 1st, 2008 through May, 2009. CANO is dedicated to promoting the economic development of the creative sector of New Orleans, improving the quality of life of its citizens, and expanding earning opportunities for our artists, performers and designers.

Launched today, a new website for CANO includes information about the opening of the Studio at Colton School, applications for individuals and organizations wanting space in the Studio, as well as information about CANO, other CANO projects, membership and news.

The Studio at Colton School will afford students throughout the region opportunities to engage with creative, educational initiatives provided by professional artists working in an innovative, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary setting. All segments of the creative economy will be represented, including but not limited to visual and performing arts, music, film, video and photography, design arts including architecture, landscape architecture, building arts, interior design, fashion, jewelry, culinary art and the evolving internet-related design arts.

The Recovery School District generously loaned the Colton School, vacant since shortly after Katrina, located at the intersection of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th wards at 2300 St. Claude Avenue, to CANO for an entire school year. Opening in November during Prospect.1, Studio at Colton School will continue to house creative practice and education through May, 31 2009. The RSD Master Plan presently calls for Colton to return to service as a school. CANO hopes the Studio at Colton will generate educational programming practices in the creative industries of value to New Orleans schools, and may become a permanent program.

Applications can be submitted either by Friday, October 3rd 2008, 5:00 PM or Friday, October 10th 2008, 5:00 PM and are available for both individuals and organizations at There will also be two phases of scheduling artists and organizations into spaces on October 8th and 15th.

Over two hundred creative professionals have been meeting over the past year to explore ways they can encourage the growth of the creative sector, support economic growth for the region, and stimulate innovative cultural and creative presentations and products. Jeanne Nathan serves as CANO President, Chuck Perkins as Vice President, and M.K. Wegman as Secretary. Sarah Hess is Project Manager for the Studio at Colton School.

September 26, 2008: launches

Friday, October 3rd, 2008: First Round of Applications Due at 5:00PM

Friday, October 10th, 2008: Second Round of Applications Due at 5:00PM

Saturday, November 1st, 2008: All Saints Day Opening Event for Studio at Colton School

The Studio at Colton School will communicate to the global marketplace the skills, talents, and creative products of the region and expand opportunities for the creative sector of our region’s economy. It is also designed to help students improve their creative skills and work habits as well as expand their performance and career expectations. The Studio will help nurture and sustain the creative economy of New Orleans.

This fall, a major biennial visual arts exhibition, Prospect 1. New Orleans, which is to be held from November 1st through January 18th, is expected to draw thousands of national and international visitors to the city who are interested in the arts. The exhibition will feature the work of internationally known artists, the majority of whom are not from this region. CANO views the biennial as an important opportunity to present the creative products of our community to this large audience/market, as well as to enable our talented students to learn about the potential marketplace for their work. We want to ensure that the biennial will benefit the artists and designers of this region and inspire our creative youth to expand their expectations as a result of their collaborative work with artists, exhibiting and selling their creative products at the Studio.

The Studio at Colton program is also designed to foster exploration of new media, innovation, and expanded networks of collaboration between creative disciplines in the greater New Orleans area.

Jeanne Nathan

Sarah Hess