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Submissions sought for National Historic Landmarks contest

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The National Park Service, a division of the U.S. Department of the Interior, is seeking submissions for its 2013 National Historic Landmark Photo Contest . The contest is open to all.

The deadline for entry is July 9.

The photos submitted need only involve a National Historic Landmark. A state-by-state list of those–ranging from grand mansions to trains to battleships to civil rights sites, and even a jet propulsion lab–can be found at the NPS website.

All in all, some 2,500 such landmarks exist nationwide. And Louisiana, like other states in the Gulf South region, no no lack of often-evocative landmarks.

Any photographer may submit up to ten photographs for the contest. To enter, go to the contest group page at Flickr, and look for instructions, including a how-to screencast. Please note that all applicants will be asked to share an observation about each photo.