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THANK YOU!! $25K Challenge a Success

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Prints drying in NOPA Salted Print Workshop

The New Orleans Photo Alliance would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who so generously supported our first major fundraiser. In a thirty day campaign 167 donors rose to the challenge and helped us to exceed our goal. We received 180 individual donations, ranging from $5 to $5000, raising a total of $25,735. This will be matched by one generous patron to fund NOPA’s first full-time salaried position. (It is not a mistake that some names appear more than once – twelve people made multiple donations to the campaign!)

Thank you all for helping take NOPA to the next level together!!

Basi & Michael Carbine
Sean Cummings
Jane Fulton Alt
Joshua Mann Pailet
Kevin Longino
Debbie Fleming Caffery
L. Kyle Roberts
L. Kyle Roberts
Margo & Clancy DuBos
Henri Schindler
Mike Britt
Roy Flukinger
James Barbee
Don Marshall
Fred Husserl
Frank Relle Photography
Philip Nizialek
Bevin Bering Dubrowski
Mary Virginia Swanson
Maximum Exposure Productions, LLC
Scott Edwards Photography
Tony Watts
Seth Boonchai
Gordon Stettinius
Ninette Maumus
Robert Balkan
Meryt & Peter Harding
Carrie L Schwartz
Aaron Shipper
Lee Deigaard
John Bush
Linda Friedman
Ann George
Jennifer Shaw
Jenny Bagert
Priscilla A. Kanady
Edward P. Richards
Karen Snyder
Charles Orr
Michelle Wuttke
Cynthia & Robert LeBreton
Eric Whitaker
Ann Marie Griffin
Suzy Burleson
Errol and Peggy Scott Laborde
Sharon Shero
Lisa Cates
Katherine Cecil
Elaine Gootee
Ryan Gootee
Carol Schiraldi
Philip Denman
John Lawrence
Bruce Schultz
Christopher Boffoli
Judy Sherrod
Victoria Ryan
Michael Cates
Catherine Long
Cameron Wood
Niki Rubenstein
Jan Arrigo (Studio Arrigo, LLC)
Suzy Burleson
Debra Howell
Thom Bennett Photographs
Christa Blackwood
Della Viator
Robert Moran
Bruce Schultz
Lionel Cazenavette
Jackie Brenner
Jenn Ocken Photography
Maria Levitsky
David Armentor Photography
Eliot Kamenitz
Leona Strassberg Steiner (Prints by Leona)
Frank Aymami
Elizabeth Stone
Stella Kramer Consulting
Kathryn Wohl
Donna Moore
Gail Morgan
Scott Dalton
Betty Press
Betty Press
William Guion
Eugenia Uhl
Richard & Vivian Cahn
Russell Lord
John Wall
Kathryn Wohl
Richard McCabe
Don Norris
Jacquelyn Steedle
20×24 Holdings LLC
Corn Creative, LLC
Henry Horenstein
Bill Vaccaro
Eliot Dudik
Gail Morgan
Susan Sterner
Nell Dickerson
Donna Moore
Denis Church
Elizabeth Shannon
Euphus Ruth
Zack Smith Photography
Kathy Anderson Photography
Susan kae Grant
Lance Rosenfield
Gina Martin
Robbie McClaran
Jude Solomon
Chuck Patch Photography
Wallace Merritt
Leona Strassberg Steiner (Prints by Leona)
Susanne Olmsted
Hannah Neal
S. Gayle Stevens
Lianna Patch
Chuck Patch Photography
Rebecca Rau
James Graves
Sara Echaniz
Phillip Parker Photographer
Scott Luksh
Seth Boonchai
Owen Murphy
Gretchen Dorian Photography
Jaime Johnson
JM Bales Photography
Leslie Parr
Diane Kaye
Roman Alokhin
Nathaniel Fleck
Judith J. Cooper
Jeff Curto
Alison Gootee
Alan & Sandra Burshell
Roman Alokhin
David Rae Morris Photography
Aline Smithson
Aline Smithson
Donna Pinckley
Marlene Donovan
Nick Bruno
Wendi Schneider Photography
Charles Bush
Saul Robbins
David Chauvin
Suzanne Olmsted
Colleen Mullins
Joseph Rosen
Molly Roberts
Scott Luksh
Joseph Crachiola
Michel Varisco
Valerie Capitanich
Lisa McCarty
Gene Fredericks
Judith J. Cooper
Linda Roberts
Sheri Lynn Behr
Eric Nunez
Hamidah Glasgow
Pat Jolly
Mallory Taylor
Andrea Mabry
Norman Borden
Jonathan Blaustein
Phelps Photography
Adeline Quinn
Abram Himelstein
Larry Colby
Leslie Parr
Janice Kazmier
Daron Douglas
Judith Faust
Peggy Gates