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The 3rd International SPE Combined Caucus Juried Show

March 12, 2015 – April 5, 2015

Jurors: Deborah Willis and Carol McCusker.

In Drag by Aileen Gaumond
Untitled by Allison Jarek, Archival Pigment Print
Venus Near Shore, Mourning Series by Patricia Lois Nuss, light jet print
Ron and Marc, together 11 years by B. Proud, Archival Inkjet Print
Aldon Smith by Coriana Close, Digital
Identity Project-Wig #2 by Elizabeth Mackie, Archival Inkjet print
Elk by Emma Kisiel, Digital C-print
Bee Hive by Bee Hive, Archival Pigment Print
Mike by Woodpile by Greta Brubaker, Archival Pigment Print
Channel 3 by Jane Terry, pigment ink print
White Plaines, NY by Jennifer Murray, Archival Pigment Print
If I knew where to send them, I would have sent you flowers by Kate Allen, Pigmented Inkjet Print
Manmade (2) by Kei Ito, Digital Print
Skype Egypt (Family Dynamics Series) by Lamia Khorshid, Archival Inkjet Print
Miel y Sandia by Meg Griffiths, Archival Inkjet Print
Della, Age 63 by Melissa Ann Ziebart, Archival Inkjet Print
Untitled (Girl with Sign) by Meredith Miller, Archival Inkjet Print
Untitled 3 by Morgan Ford Willingham, Metallic c-print
Meet me Here by Rachael Banks, Archival Inkjet Print
In Search of Forgiveness by Rebecca Zeiss, palladium-platinum
Donald Hall by Susan Lirakis, Archival Pigment Print