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The Disposable Camera Workshop Exhibition

The Disposable Camera Workshop, a new exhibition coming to the NOPA Gallery’s Community Wall, features photographs made by military veterans participating in the Headway Program, part of the Bastion Community of Resilience in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Disposable Camera Workshop will be on display starting April 3rd, 2021.

After participating in lessons on formal photography, veterans were each given a color disposable camera with no theme or subject given. They were asked to arrange their artworks into a diptych to form a connection between two photos. The results are an arrangement of images that reflect their current daily lives.

Headway is a multifaceted community integration program for veterans who served on or after 9/11. Many are living with a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other neurological condition. Veteran participants have the opportunity to receive community-based occupational therapy, engage creatively, build practical and vocational skills, spend time in the community, and participate in recreational, wellness, and art activities.

The participating photographers featured in this exhibition are Nestor Mairena, Benjamin LeBoeuf, Wilbert Young, Jeannie Morin, Dennis Delhom, and Marvin Belisle Jr.