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The NOPA List | November 2016

Photography Exhibitions, Calls for Entry, Workshops…


2016 PhotoNOLA Exhibitions


Abiding Remains

ABIDING REMAINS: A VANISHING LOUISIANA the photographs of Melanie Dawn Parent

Through November 30, 2016 | Opening November 1 at Centenary College John F. Magale Memorial Library: 2910 Woodlawn Avenue, Shreveport.

Preservationist Melanie Dawn Parent’s photographs capture Louisiana’s vanishing places.


ENDS OF THE EARTH, photographs by Martyn Lucas & NATURE: SOLACE AND SOLITUDE, photography by Williams Seeman

November 5–November 26, 2016 at Academy Gallery: 5256 Magazine Street, New Orleans

“Ends of the Earth,” by Martyn Lucas highlights the polar regions which he visits as a photographic guide and instructor for Aurora Expeditions. “Nature: Solace and Solitude,” by Bill Seeman is about water, islands, and mysterious places



Through November 6, 2016 at UNO St. Claude Gallery: 2429 St. Claude Avenue, New Orleans

“Parallel Barking Separate Sleeping” features disparate yet parallel work of Andrea Luth and Kata Hinterlechner. While both artists seek to depict abstract and storytelling aspects, Hinterlechner’s work focuses on collage and photography, and Luth draws with words and texts.

cut tear burn sew

CUT TEAR BURN SEW, photographs and photographic experiments by Valerie Corradetti, Maria Levitsky, and Jeffery Rinehart

November 12–December 11, 2016 | Opening November 12 at UNO-St. Claude Gallery: 2429 St. Claude Avenue

“Cut Tear Burn Sew,” curated by UNO Department of Fine Arts’ Artist in Residence Ariya Martin, includes artworks that explore the architecture and structure of images through various methods. Works by Valerie Corradetti, Maria Levitsky, and Jeffrey Rinehart. PhotoNOLA exhibition.

Kathy Gamble Walkley
Kathy Gamble Walkley

WATER DANCE photography by Kathy Gamble Walkley

November 12–December 10, 2016 | Opening November 12 at Guy Lyman Fine Art: 3645 Magazine Street

YOUR ENDLESS PLEASURE STOP photographs of Chengdu, China by Chen Gu

November 12, 2016–January 8, 2017 | Opening November 12 at Staple Goods: 1340 St. Roch Avenue, New Orleans

Bob Dylan by Sidney Smith
Bob Dylan by Sidney Smith


November 12–30, 2016 | Opening November 12 at ShiNOLA Gallery: 1813 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., New Orleans

From 1970 to 1980, New Orleans native Sidney Smith covered the premier bands of the era. His photographs appeared regularly in numerous magazines including Cream, Circus, Hit Parader, and Rolling Stone.



November 26, 2016–January 1, 2017 | Opening reception December 3 at Cole Pratt Gallery: 3800 Magazine Street, New Orleans

David Armentor’s “En Tout Cas” explores the notion that we subconsciously alter our past through malleable memories. In this body of work, Armentor has mined his memories to recreate representative imagery of select scenes from his upbringing in the Cajun Culture. These images do not try to render an accurate account of the subject or scenes but have emerged from distorted autobiographical memories. PhotoNOLA exhibition.


"Stepping at the Fest" by Judy Cooper
“Stepping at the Fest” by Judy Cooper

PRESERVING NEW ORLEANS SECOND LINE CULTURE, Historic and Contemporary Images of Second Lines

November 12–December 18, 2016 | Opening reception November 12 at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation: 1205 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans

An exhibition featuring the contemporary photographic works of New Orleans photographers Judy Cooper, L.J. Goldstein, Charles Lovell, Jerry Moran, MJ Mastrogiovanni, Leslie Parr. Historical work by Jules Cahn, Michael P. Smith, John Messina, and Eric Waters.

Clarence John Laughlin; 1974; photograph by Michael P. Smith; The Historic New Orleans Collection, gift of Mrs. Clarence John Laughlin, 2006.0019.1.50
Clarence John Laughlin; 1974; photograph by Michael P. Smith; The Historic New Orleans Collection, gift of Mrs. Clarence John Laughlin, 2006.0019.1.50


November 15, 2016–March 25, 2017 at The Historic New Orleans Collection’s Williams Research Center: 410 Chartres Street

A Louisiana native, Clarence John Laughlin began his career as a photographer in the 1930s, eventually emerging as one of America’s pioneers in surrealist and experimental photography. Though he felt himself isolated from the mainstream art world, his exhaustive written records and remarkable collection of images prove otherwise. This exhibition displays the enigmatic photographer’s letters to and from fellow artists, writers, editors, and curators alongside the prints he exchanged with his photographer contemporaries. PhotoNOLA exhibition. 

Louisiana Photography Biennial


Through November 19, 2016 at The New Orleans Art Center: 3330 St. Claude Avenue, New Orleans

Group exhibition curated by Don Marshall, former Director of the CAC and current Executive Director of the Jazz & Heritage Foundation. The exhibition features over 75 Louisiana photographers including internationally and nationally acclaimed artists.


OUTGROAN by Mash Buhtaudusss (Brandt Vicknair and Barbie L’Hoste)

Through November 19, 2016 upstairs at The New Orleans Art Center: 3330 St. Claude Avenue, New Orleans

Collaborative mixed-media project by collage/mixed media artist Barbie L’Hoste and photographer Brandt Vicknair.

"Lost and Found" by Paul Nettles
“Lost and Found” by Paul Nettles


Through November 19 at Alexandria Museum of Art: 933 Second Street, Alexandria, LA

The 29th September Competition is an annual juried exhibition highlighting the work of contemporary artists in all media and styles created within the past two years. 47 artworks were selected by juror Frances Pavy from over 300 international submissions. Photographer Paul Nettles took third prize with his image “Lost and Found.”

Mexican Postcard, ca. 1929, hand-colored silver gelatin photograph
Mexican Postcard, ca. 1929, hand-colored silver gelatin photograph


Through November 26, 2016 at A Gallery For Fine Photography: 241 Chartres Street, New Orleans

A Gallery for Fine Photography presents “In Color: Photographs from 1846 to 2016″, an exhibition of photographs that illustrate the history of color photography. With works from the early days of hand-colored daguerreotypes to computer generated pigment prints, this exhibition shows the many ways in which artists, inventors, and photography lovers experimented with interpretations of our color world.

Featuring a selection of color processes including hand-colored daguerreotypes and tintypes, photo chromolithographs, Cibachromes, Autochromes, Dye-transfers, Polaroids, and pigment prints, the exhibition includes early pieces by anonymous artists, as well as work by William Henry Jackson, Eduard Steichen, Helmut Newton, Harold Edgerton, Joshua Mann PailetEve Sonneman, Birney Imes, Josephine Sacabo, Joyce Tenneson, Louviere+Vanessa, Maggie Taylor, Richard Sexton, Elliott Erwitt, Harry Callahan, Herman Leonard, Jan Saudek, Jerry Uelsmann, Walter Nelson, Robert Glenn Ketchum, René Pauli, Sandy Skoglund, and Wendi Schneider.

"Girl with Pearl Earring" by E2, 2010
“Girl with Pearl Earring” by E2, 2010


Through January 6, 2017 at The Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette: 710 East Saint Mary Blvd., Lafayette

FACE TO FACE features work by twelve nationally and internationally acclaimed artists working in a variety of media, including photography. It includes Willie Birch, Douglas Bourgeois, George Dureau, Elizabeth Kleinveld & Epaul Julien, Aubrey Edwards, Deborah Luster, Rashaad Newsome, Tameka Norris, Gina Phillips, Jennifer Shaw, Jonathan Traviesa, and Heather Weathers. This exhibition of visually powerful and evocative work is accompanied by an essay in which Miami-based independent curator Jane Hart states, “During this present moment, we are increasingly witness to social unrest and an escalating violent state of affairs, both at home and abroad. These disturbing conflicts often can be attributed to a lack of understanding amongst us based upon ethnicity, race, religion and other differences. Through depictions of people created by artists, seeing our shared humanity, we can collectively come together with a greater tolerance and acceptance.”

Maude Schuyler Clay, “Bonnie Claire, Green Car,” (No Date), Chromogenic Print, Collection of the Artist
Maude Schuyler Clay, “Bonnie Claire, Green Car,” (No Date), Chromogenic Print, Collection of the Artist


Through January 15, 2017 at Ogden Museum of Southern Art: 925 Camp Street, New Orleans

Maude Schuyler Clay is a fifth generation Mississippian. Clay started her color portrait series “Mississippi History” in 1975 when she acquired her first Rolleiflex 2 1/4″ camera. Over the next 25 years, the project evolved in part as an homage to Julia Margaret Cameron, a definitive pioneer of the art of photography. Clay’s expressive, allegorical portraits of her friends, family, and other Mississippians, as well as her artful approach to capturing the essence of light, are the driving forces behind her recollection of moments of family life in Mississippi in the 1980s and 90s. PhotoNOLA exhibition. 


Through December 18, 2016 at The R.W. Norton Art Gallery: 4747 Creswell Avenue, Shreveport

Thanks to photographer Lee Friedlander, who discovered Bellocq’s work in the 1960s, we have these transcendent images with which to remember the humanity of the often otherwise anonymous “soiled doves” of the fabled Storyville.



Through December 31, 2016 at Jean Lafitte National Historic Park & Preserve Visitor Center: 6588 Barataria Blvd., New Orleans

“The variety and multiplicity of threats to pollinators and pollination generate risks to people and livelihoods, these risks are largely driven by changes in land cover and agricultural management systems, including pesticide use.” – UN Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) 2016

“My recent focus on the end of life for bees seems a prescient telling of the crisis. Bees, among nature’s most prolific builders of ingenious architectural structures, are critical to our very survival.” – Muffin Bernstein. PhotoNOLA exhibition.

"Hollywood (Archaeological Series, Two Meter Stick)" 1975 Kenneth Josephson, Gelatin silver print, Copyright Kenneth Josephson
“Hollywood (Archaeological Series, Two Meter Stick)” 1975 Kenneth Josephson, Gelatin silver print, Copyright Kenneth Josephson


Through January 1, 2017 at New Orleans Museum of Art: One Collins C. Diboll Circle, City Park, New Orleans

This exhibition presents a brief survey of Kenneth Josephson (American, born 1932), one of the most inventive photographers of the second half of the twentieth century.


"View of the Paris Boulevards from the First Floor of the Hôtel de Louvais, Rue de la Paix," 1843 by William Henry Fox Talbot Salted paper print from a paper negative Museum Purchase, 1977 Art Acquisition Fund Drive, 77.66
“View of the Paris Boulevards from the First Floor of the Hôtel de Louvais, Rue de la Paix,” 1843 by William Henry Fox Talbot
Salted paper print from a paper negative
Museum Purchase, 1977 Art Acquisition Fund Drive, 77.66


Through January 1, 2017 at New Orleans Museum of Art: One Collins C. Diboll Circle, City Park, New Orleans

This expansive, beautiful exhibition of works from NOMA’s collection explores photography’s relationship to the world through a diverse selection of photographs that include obstructing elements or remind us that the photograph itself is often an obstruction to the real world.

This photo of Thomas Sully's first yacht 'Helen', ca. 1893 (Photo from Southeastern Architectural Archives, Special Collections Division, Tulane University Libraries)
This photo of Thomas Sully’s first yacht ‘Helen’, ca. 1893 (Photo from Southeastern Architectural Archives, Special Collections Division, Tulane University Libraries)


Through June 3, 2017 at Southeastern Architectural Archive at Tulane University: 6823 St. Charles Avenue

“Thomas Sully: At Home and Leisure,” curated by archivist Kevin Williams, showcases residences and yachts designed by Sully from 1890 through 1915. On display are original drawings, period blueprints, and a collection of original photographs. Also included are original photographs of Sully’s hunting and fishing expeditions on the rivers and bayous of Louisiana from the 1890s. These images have never been presented to the public until now.



Ongoing at Urban Sidewalk Installation Space (US/IS): 441 Gravier Street at Magazine

The newest version of BUREAU of CHANGE: Social Services opened in October 2016. This installation focuses on photographs that document and react to “revelry” as defined by New Orleans imagemakers. PhotoNOLA exhibition.



Southern Landscapes: Brickworks Gallery (Atlanta, GA). Deadline November 1. Juror Elizabeth Avedon. Theme: Landscapes can refer to design, ecology, and culture. Southern landscapes depict the physical elements of the American South (hills, water, architecture, light…)as well as the cultural aspects.

SHOTS Magazine Annual Portfolio Issue. Deadline November 2. SHOTS Magazine announces an internation call for photographic work to be considered for publication in the Annual Portfolio Issue (no. 134, Winter 2016). Subject matter is open.

PoliticoPopUp 2: Catalyst Collective. Deadline November 12.  The Catalyst Collective seeks submissions for PoliticoPopUp.2, a ten-day happening of photography, painting, sculpture, video, performance art, spoken word, live music, artists talks, and live community art making. December 10–18, 2016 at the New Orleans Arts Center.

Portfolio: Atlanta Photography Group : deadline November 13. There is no theme but submitted images should represent a single project, idea, story, or vision. This year’s juror, Andy Adams, director of FlakPhoto and independent producer/curator/publisher, will select one body of work each from 6-8 artists for exhibition in the APG Gallery opening January 13, 2017.  APG will publish a catalog of the show and each exhibiting artist will receive a copy.

Composed: Texas Photographic Society. Deadline December 12. Juror Sam Abell. $1,000 in cash prizes with a catalog designed to highlight the work of the 75 total photographers selected for exhibition in the PhotoPlace Gallery and online.

Brush With Burden: LSU AgCenter. Deadline January 20. Southern Sights theme with photography exhibition and prizes awarded.

WORKSHOPS, LECTURES, FILMS, ETC. (follow links for info and pricing)

 Opening reception 11.5.16; through 12.18.16 Pelican Bomb presents “Of Moving and Being Moved,” a solo exhibition of video and sound works by Portland, Maine-based artist Erin Johnson. The four works by Johnson on view at Pelican Bomb Gallery X take water as their starting points, examining how communities live in relation to their respective changing landscapes–particulary timely in the wake of this year’s massive flooding in Louisiana and the ongoing drought in the American West.
11.5–12.31.16 Jonathan Ferrara Gallery presents “Recent Video Works” by Peter Sarkasian. Sarkasian is an American video artist and early practictioner of digital image mapping techniques.
11.2–11.6.16 S[x]SE Workshops presents: The Lowcountry with Andy Anderson
11.10–12.4.16 Prospect New Orleans presents “The Clock,” 24-hour video collage of clocks from the history of cinema by Christian Marclay at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.