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Toy Stories Results

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The results are in! We at the New Orleans Photo Alliance want to thank
all of you for taking the time to submit your work to “TOY STORIES.”
Susan Burnstine, our esteemed juror, was very pleased with the
creativity and quality of all the submissions. See the attached
juror’s statement for her thought process in choosing the final pieces
for the show. We wish to thank her for all of her hard work and
thoughtfulness in selecting this show.

We would like to encourage everyone who entered to volunteer their
time to either help hang the show, gallery sit once the show goes up
(we have wi-fi!) or simply be available for odd jobs related to the
show and gallery. The New Orleans Photo Alliance is very much a
volunteer organization and, if each member can offer some of their
precious time then the Photo Alliance benefits which means the photo
community at large benefits which means you benefit.

If your work has been chosen for inclusion in the show the next step
is to make sure it arrives at the gallery on Friday, February 8 (3-6pm)or
Saturday, February 9 (11am-4pm). If you foresee any problems with your work
arriving on those days please email us immediately.

New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery
1111 St. Mary St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Accepted work should be presented with black frames and white mats,
wired and ready to hang. Work that arrives after the delivery deadline
will not be included in the exhibit. Shipped work must have return
postage and a shipping label included in the package. Also, if you are
shipping your work we highly recommend that you use plexiglass. On the
back of your print please tape an index card with your name, address,
phone #, email, title, and sales price.

Sales/Commissions: 70% Artist and 30% Photo Alliance

The opening reception will be Saturday, February 16 from 6 – 9 p.m.
The exhibit will close on Tuesday, April 1. The gallery address is
1111 St. Mary St., New Orleans, LA 70130.

And now…(drum roll here)…on with the show!



1. Lee Area Tunica Trace 11×14 1

2. Thom Bennett The Oracle 24×24 5

3. May Perkins Benton Autochrome 20×20 1

4. Frances Billes Kodak Ghost 21×22 1

5. Beverly Coates Beach Sunrise 20×20 2

6. Trey Corken Chica Selling Fans 11×14 2

7. David Corwin Boys In Pool 20×20 3

8. A Fournet Prague CR 24×20 5

9. N. Gilbert The Long Way Around 18.5×18.5 5

10. Dora Grinnell A Lifeline 6X5 2

11. G Grove Ophelia 16×16 1

12. Warren Harold Boy Behind A Fence 24×24 2

13. Bridget Kane Bourbon & Toulouse 20.5×20.5 1

14. Michael Koerner Flag Picker 18×18 4

15. Ian Kramar Summerlovin 8X10 1

16. Bob Kubiak Mosside Blvd Monroeville 16×22 2
PA-Opossum #2

17. Jason Langley Between Rain Showers 16×16 2
Emigrant Montana

18. Theresa Manzanares Just stop Eating 20×20 4

19. Gary Moyer Boy With Ray Gun 12×12 5

20. Heather Oelklaus Dirty Laundry 16×16 2

21. Samuel Portera Guste Island 16×16 4

22. Rosanna Salonia Little Man 12×12 4

23. Rosanna Salonia Mont St. Michel 12×12 5

24. Katie Slick Self 16×16 1

25. Shannon Stoney Blazes 9X16 4

26. Ann Texter Real Cowgirls Die with 16×20 2
Their boots on

27. Tread Ponder 18×18 3

28. Uttermohlen Devil 16×20 1

29. Bill Vaccaro Cross 16×20 1

30. Shannon Welles Jenny 12×12 1

31. Shannon Welles Over The Sea 12×12 2

32. Eddie Wexler Fengdu, China 2007 20X16 2

33. Matthew Yates Sold Mah Soul 12×14 1

34. Matthew Yates Mica Of The Woods 12×14 5

35. Warren Harold Summer Respite 2

36 Warren Harold Boy Behind Fence.

Best In Show

Matthew Yates – Sold Mah Soul

Honorable Mentions

1. Warren Harold’s Boy Behind Fence

2. Rosanna Salonia’s Little Man


Selecting 34 final images from two hundred and fifty-seven submissions
proved to be an incredibly difficult process for me. The quality of
work was exceptional and it took me days to make final selections. In
the end, I selected images that transcended the medium and would be
considered strong regardless of process.

The most difficult task proved to be selecting the Best In Show and
honorable mentions due to the high caliber of work. I kept flipping
through 20 odd images I was considering for days on end. In the end,
Warren Harold’s pinhole images made from of a diapers box were not
only highly ambitious, but achieved a unique and surreal beauty that
could not be denied. The epic, moody imagery of Rosanna Salonia
endlessly inspired and the haunting toy camera work of Matthew Yates
transformed what might have been a really good shot into something
visionary through his exceptional alternative processing.

It was an honor and a joy to view all of your wonderful images.

Congratulations to all.

Susan Burnstine