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Two Opportunities

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Paula Barr, a New York photographer, is coming to the Gulf Coast to shoot images for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to be held in January 2008. She is in need of a photo assistant {in mid December}. I thought there may be members of the photo alliance who would find this interesting. I think she has a budget to compensate someone. If you could forward this on to your members, I would be very grateful.


Scott Hutcheson
Executive Director
Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation

If interested, please contact photographer Paula Barr @
Paula Barr studio
west chelsea arts building
526 west 26th street
studio 9G
New York NY 10001
212.691.9482 ph
917.929.8963 cell

From: Mary Gehman
Date: Dec 5, 2007 12:10 PM
Subject: photo for book cover

I’m a small scale book publisher and was wondering if you have anyone who does photos of people and places from 1800s N.O. and La. I’m about to publish a novel set in N.O. early to mid-1800s and would like a cover illustration that reflects that period. Am paying $300. Please let me know if anyone on your organization is interested,
Thanks, and please contact

Mary Gehman
for Margaret Media, Inc.
office: (225) 473-9319
cell: (225) 323-4559