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View Camera workshop wrap-up

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Steve Simmons, publisher of View Camera magazine and the juror for NOPA’s latest exhibition, Four by Five, conducted a workshop this past weekend, Apr.3-4, on using the view camera. Seven participants learned how to work with view cameras to photograph portraits and architecture. By the end of the workshop even those who had never handled a view camera before were comfortable with the intricacies of large format photography and making great images.

Many thanks to Fujifilm USA for the donation of 10 packs of instant film (5 packs of 4×5 and 5 packs of 3 1/4 x 4 1/4), to Ilford for donating 50 sheets of HP-5 and to PhotoArts of Hattiesburg, MS for providing the processing and individual attention to everyone’s film. And thanks for the photographers who made the workshop such a blast.

And thanks to Thom Bennett for the blurb and photos! -eric