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Visiting Photographer Seeking Advice

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Hi there,

I can understand if no one wants to share any special spots, but I am hoping someone might be willing to throw a small token to a stranger. I am an amateur photographer from Boston and will be visiting New Orleans for a short period of time this weekend, as my girlfriend is starting medical school in Tulane and her white coat ceremony is this coming Monday. Apart from my obvious happiness for my girlfriend, I am excited to visit a new place where I can shoot. Unfortunately, I will not know a single person who can direct me around the city.

My free time is limited, as much of the weekend is going to involve scheduled events, and I may only have Saturday morning for shooting on my own. I wondered if you could direct me to one or two interesting places to shoot around the city. I am looking to capture some of the soul of New Orleans while not wandering into areas that an Irish boy from Boston should not be wandering to on his own. I am not looking for the “Girls Gone Wild” side of the city; that is just not my kind of thing (and my girlfriend would not be pleased). Yes, I will probably see Bourbon St, but I am more excited about the lesser known parts of the city.

I would truly appreciate any suggestions or recommendations that could be offered. I am not a professional and not looking to steal any secrets (although I would never turn down any advice). I’m just trying to get a jump on a place or two I would find on my own anyway with some more time and knowledge of the city.

While I am clearly not on the same level as many of your members, if you had any interest in seeing some of my shots, I do post on flickr:

Thank you in advance for your time and any suggestions you have to offer.

Sean Molloy
Boston MA
contact at: