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Where to rent photo equipment in New Orleans, and how to get assistant gigs

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I had an email from a member who wanted to know where to rent equipment. I’ve also had queries about assistant work. I get the same questions from agents or photographers from out-of-state, who are coming in for a shoot. This being New Orleans and not NY, there are limited resources, but here’s what I have:

Available Lighting is the one place I know of in NO that rents hot lights and grip for photographers. They also rent generators. They do not rent strobes, though.
826 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70121 – (504) 831-5214

If you’re looking for an assistant or want to join the database, here’s one that’s nationwide — every job I’ve ever gotten as an assistant has been through that. I get maybe one or two jobs a year. If you actually live in the city (or any big city), you’ll probably get more.
And here’s another one:

If you want to rent a grip truck or van, try Hollywood Trucks.
1717 Canal St, New Orleans, LA – (504) 528-2480

If you need a seamless paper backdrop, Lakeside Camera sells them, as well as Bennetts Camera. Out-of-town photographers always want this stuff because it’s a pain to have to ship from wherever they are. Plus, if you’re the assistant, you’ll walk away with the leftovers, because they won’t want to haul it back to NY.
3508 21st Street, Metairie, LA 70002 – (504) 885-8660
3230 Severn Avenue, Metairie, LA, 70002 – (504) 885-9050

No one around here rents camera bodies — but you can rent lenses, bodies, batteries and other stuff online from Borrow Lenses. You can rent, for instance, a D3s body for three days for about $250. There are a few other companies for that as well.

If anyone has tips or questions along this theme, let me know and I’ll tack it on to this post, and answer as best I can, if needed.   Thanks  -E

Thanks to George Long and Kyle Petrozza for some extra tips!