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Worldwide audience for NOPA blog

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From the NOPA “tooting our own horn” dept.:

Recently, someone working on the upcoming Green Lantern film to be shot soon in New Orleans sent us an email looking for a digital photo artist. We published the opportunity to the blog. The next day, the sender asked us to take it down because she needed someone local and was already getting calls from — get this — Australia.

We took the post down, of course, but now have evidence that our local blog actually is read far and wide.

So, just to follow up, we added a “flag counter” widget (in the sidebar at right) that will show everyone at a glance how many hits this site is getting from outside our borders. I guess we could have looked at the site stats for that, but the widget is more fun.

Its only been there for less than a day, and already shows hits from ten different countries. If you click on the widget, it takes you to a chart that breaks it all down. Pretty neat.