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Zack Smith’s New ChazFest Book Available

I will have one copy of “Under the Twin Trees: Chaz Fest Portraits 2007-2008” for preview at Chaz Fest 2009, Wednesday April 29th at The Truck Farm (

For the last two years, i have set up a unique backdrop and photographed the interesting folks at the festival. If you haven’t been to Chaz Fest, its the best little festival in New Orleans, down in the Bywater. The best music, food, and drink, all in a big backyard. The way it should be.

The book is available now on, and is 7″x7″,40 ppg, color, soft cover. 50% from sales from Chaz Fest book at signup that day, will be donated to local kid art collective, KidSmart. Books can be ordered online, and delivered to YOU! @

Please spread the word!


Zack Smith